Creeping on hot girl exercising in gym

Don’t be so surprised, Mr. Creepo exercising in the gym very regularly. Well, I don’t do it just for the benefit of my own body, I do it for other benefits too, or other bodies if you want me to say it bluntly. Specifically, all the hot fitness girls that hang out at the gym where I go to and oh boy, do I have a special treat for you, Mr. Creepo deluxe creeping kind of thing. There was this outstanding young babe doing her thing and I saw more of her than you can imagine. I’ve peeped and creeped on her while she did squats, leg press exercise and then some. You’ll love it as much as I loved creeping around her.

Fit girl’s ass while she does squats in gym

First exercise I caught her at was the squats. She is petite but her body is very firm, hence the lack of much weights on the bar but still, the results of her exercising are impressive even to Mr. Creeepo, so it should be impressive to you to. Check out how nicely her hard fit ass bends down while she does her squat and you’ll realize why I was hooked on spying her at all times. Make sure to click on creepshots I give you here to see the bigger versions or you’re risking on seeing some goodies of this exquisite fit girl.

Hot girl prepares to squat in the gym

Be ready to check out that hot ass

Sexy girl's hot ass during squat exercise

Intriguing pose to secretly look at

Close look at hot girl's ass during squat

I had to take a closer look

If her ass going up and down didn’t make you think about how it would feel if she was to sit on a hard dick, then nothing will. I’ve even took a step closer when she was fully bent over, just so I can show you how her back makes a perfect arch while she is in the downward position. She was puffing and panting while lifting that bar up and I almost wanted to spot and assist her. However – seriously, how do you spot a girl that does squats? Do you hold her boobs when she goes up? I don’t even know how to spot a girl in gym.

Pussy bulge and cameltoe on leg press machine in gym

Next exercise that this cutie did is not for the weak hearted men. She sits down on the leg press machine and positions herself so nicely that her pussy immediately bulged out and made a visible cameltoe in her grey tights. Watching that cameltoe and pussy bulge as she flexes and releases her legs during pushing was literally like I’m watching her get fucked by some invisible man. She was even slightly moaning and that made the whole experience all that much better.

Voyeur photographs girl pushing the leg press machine

Perfect pose for more than just exercise

Hot girl pushing the leg press machine

Push harder, push!

Hot girl's pussy bulge while she exercises on leg press machine

Oh yeah, remain in that pose please

Sexy girl looks away during exercise

I don’t know who is she looking but it ain’t Mr. Creepo

Mr. Creepo really had to take a closer look at that pussy bulge, simply because it deserves a special spot on as my finest gym creepshot photo and video up to date. She is obviously wearing a thong and her pussy bulge is so thin that thong got wrapped around it and that is why it perked up to a cameltoe status like you’ll watching in this closeup creepshot. I don’t know if I could restrain myself if we were all alone in the gym. I’d simply get under the machine and slide between her legs. Then I’d see where that takes me. She would probably scream though, but ah well.

Closeup of pussy bulge on leg press machine

Closer I got, bigger the pussy bulge became

Wiping off pussy juice and sweat from leg press gym machine

I’m just kidding she isn’t exactly wiping off pussy juice but she was certainly sweating like a little pig in heat after such a hardcore workout. I don’t think anyone would mind if she left the leg press machine without cleaning it. I bet the guys would love to smell a bit of her sweat if they can’t get it in the proper way, in bedroom, through sex. Mr. Creepo definitely approves the smell of a sweaty woman, regardless of how exactly it happened.

Fit girl cleans her sweat from gym machine

She politely cleaned her sexy sweat from the machine

Mr. Creepo really liked her sweaty pussy bulge

This one goes without saying. Creeping around and making candid photos and videos of fit girls like this is definitely very motivational for me to frequent gym much more often. Not only that but next time I’ll be equipped with even more candid cameras and I’m going to creep on more girls than just one. There is simply too many fit girls that sweat their little asses of in the gym, none of them should be skipped. Like the old saying goes – don’t skip leg day and definitely don’t skip creeping on sexy girls in the gym.

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