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It just happened to be that I’m taking a walk by the beach and I had my concealed camera ready to make a video (what a surprise, like I’m not always ready). So anyway, I’m walking and walking, and I pass by the improvised parking lot, and there, all alone, a sugary sweet teen girl is trying to change into regular clothes after she took a swim. She was still entirely wet from swimming in the sea, and it took a bit effort to put on a skirt on her wet ass and bikini. I loved it.

Busty teen girl tries to dress up by the beach

Firstly I must say, she is too young to have such boobs. Just look at those gigantic tits and try to tell me how is it even possible to have such breast size at her teenage age? I don’t even know how she managed to find a bikini top that can hold such boobs in place, as they were obviously attempting to pop out and set themselves free. I’ve caught her when that summer skirt was already in her hands and I had to act quickly if I’m going to see more of her while she still wears a bikini.

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Unreal big boobs by the beach

I’ve had to come up with a game plan in order to get even closer to this wet beach girl and I knew just the right thing to do. I’ll have to fake something out and pretend I’m there because of something else, without even paying (direct) attention to her tits or ass, or her in general. I’ve literally had to pretend to be answering my phone and strolling around while I talk, just in order to get closer without arousing suspicion by this busty teenage miracle that stood there, half dressed in her tiny white skirt, on top of her wet pink bikini. Her boobs were bigger and more beautiful with every inch closer that I came. Speaking of cumming, I nearly came from the sheer hotness that she radiated. I mean, once again, just look at those big boobs. Trust me, you’ve never seen bigger ones on a younger chick.

Incredibly big boobs of young babe by beach

Those young tits are simply too big

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Still, those above mentioned big boobs aren’t her only asset. Once I kept pretending to be doing a phone talk, I got right behind her while she was digging in her beach backpack, and there, another miracle was right in front of my candid camera lens. Her ass is made of pure wet dreams and incredible sex appeal. Her round ass cheeks are perfect, smooth and firm, with that pink bikini thong crawling like a wedgie, deep inside her delicious ass crack.

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Her whole body is majestic to behold

Did you ever feel your dick hardening while voyeuring and creeping around some mega hot girl? That was exactly how I felt, with every second of watching this delicious young ass in pink bikini. I got so close that I could have reached forward with my hand and squeeze her tush, I just didn’t want to do it. It would kind of make her scream and run to the beach and I’d have to run away as well. Still, her smooth butt cheeks looked so good from such closeness and her gentle skin is something ripe for spanking and then some.

Voyeur gets close to perfect ass in pink bikini

Smooth and perfectly round ass

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I don’t even need to ask if you liked this teen girl’s big tits or her fantastic ass. I already know that you’re sitting there, probably wanking, and thinking how you’d remove her bikini and fuck her while she is still wet and salty from taking a dip in the ocean. All that goes without asking and it makes Mr. Creepo one happy beach voyeur.

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