Peeping on fun young couple at swimming pool

You’re probably wondering what Mr. Creepo does at the swimming pool? Don’t wonder for too long, because the answer is obvious – I’m creeping and peeping on something super nice. You see, there was this hot young couple lying there by the edge of the pool and while the guy was relaxing like a sea whale, the girl looked bored out of her mind. Mr. Creepo got some ideas how to help her out with that, but that isn’t the morale of the peeping I was about to do.

Bored girl’s hot ass by the pool

You’re gonna enjoy watching her perky ass spreading in front of you while she chills by the pool and you’ll probably want to trade places with her chubby boyfriend. He was lying there like a whale and soaking in the sun, while she seemed like she is bored out of her mind. She is probably up for more active vacation than simple lying around the swimming pool all day. Still, I’m glad that she did so, at least I got to catch some neat creepshots of her ass while she was.

Hot bored girl by swimming pool

Bored hottie with her lazy boyfriend

Hot girl talks with boyfriend in swimming pool

She tries to talk with the dude

Hottie teases the boyfriend by the swimming pool

This is the moment when she finally had enough of lying around and splashing the water with her feet. She quickly turned around and started talking to her boyfriend, in order to activate him for some fun. She even used the ages old recipe of her own sex appeal to entice him into doing something. I’d say, at this point, she was ready to walk away and leave him at the swimming pool. That is at least what it seemed while I was peeping on them.

Sexy girl turns around on her ass in swimming pool

Finally, she turns around

Well, her plan worked, and once she spread her legs and showed him what she’d really like to do, he was ready for some fun time, enough of lying around. She didn’t know that by exciting her boyfriend with her open legs, she excited me as well, through my camera that was pointed at her crotch at all times. Just look at her sexy legs and feet while she splashed in the water.

Teen girl spreads legs by edge of swimming pool

My boner is tingling when she spreads legs

Boyfriend holds her legs in the swimming pool

He didn’t need much talking into it, he just jumped in the water and lifted her legs. I’d say his boner was rock hard in his swimming trunks and that he wanted to fuck her right there, on the edge of the pool. She popped her tongue out and mocked him a bit, since she knew what is going through his head and I even caught the moment when her tongue was out as she smiled at him in most seductive way ever.

I can only imagine what was going through his head while he raised her legs up in the air and spread them open, with her pussy bulging in that green bikini, only inches away from his stiffening cock. I can only say that, if Mr. Creepo was in his place, it wouldn’t just end on holding legs and smiling. I’d get her down in the swimming pool water with me, and I’d have sex with her without anyone even noticing what we’re doing there. Yes, I’ve done it before, and yes again, I’d do it with her, in that very same pool.

Boyfriend lifts girlfriends legs in swimming pool

He lifts her legs like they’re having sex

Smiling girl with her legs held up in air

It’s so seductive when she smiles

Sexy fun in swimming pool

He tries to lift her legs even higher

Mr. Creepo knows they want to have sex

It isn’t rocket science. Both of them are horny teens and they both sure got horny after this fun time by the swimming pool. I bet that just holding her legs up in the air like that made the boy ready to fuck like never before. He probably did, but only later, when they went back to their hotel room. I wonder if they’ll ever find out they’ve been caught by the best voyeur ever, while they were hanging out by the pool and having their naughty fun? Ah well, time will tell.

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