Sexy teen skater girl in tight shorts

Don’t know about you but Mr. Creepo never skated, not even in my much younger days. Still, I do like the skill of real skaters and all the flips and turns they do on a skateboard. Now, imagine combining my love to watch skaters in action with my love for hot girls. What do you get? You get a smoking hot young blonde on a skateboard, that doesn’t even know I’m peeping at her and zooming in on all the fine parts of her ravishing young curvy body.

Sexy blonde skateboarder

It’s pretty crazy that out of all the girly activities that teen girls do, this hottie picked skating as her hobby and passion. Don’t get me wrong, I love what she does, but she could show off her fine body in many much more feminine ways then she does now. Still, skating in her booty shorts and small tank top is what makes her unique and definitely sexy in it’s own brand new way that she so nicely represents. I really enjoyed sitting back and peeping on her when she skates and chills with friends.

Skater girl with skateboard

Mr. Creepo spotted this skating girl right away

Sexy teen skater girl chills with friends

This hot teen blonde seems to know all the other teens in this area because she was constantly getting approached by other girls and even some boys. If I was her daddy (real daddy, don’t be kinky), I’d probably stay there just to chase away boys with a broom, because they were all over her. I can relate to that thought, because I’m peeping at her for the very same reason – because hse tog the most amazing body, pretty face and incredible ass. She knows what she is doing though, or she wouldn’t wear such tiny shorts to begin with.

Sexy body of young skater girl

She really knows what clothes to wear for skating

Sexy skater girl walks and carries her skateboard

Skateboard goes everywhere with her

Hot teen girl hugs sexy skater girl

Hot skater girl gets a nice hug from girlfriend

Hot young skater girl shows off on skateboard

Once she said hello to pretty much all the teens in the area, she finally stepped on her skateboard and did some tricks with it. She isn’t all that skilled with it, but as long as she doesn’t fall and hurts her knee, we can say she can skate. After all, I still believe she just wanted to show off on a skate so that even more people would see her magnificent little ass in her skimpy tight shorts. Yeah, I believe that at least partially, she is craving attention.

Sexy long legs of a female skater

Sexy smooth legs of a skater girl

Gorgeous teen skater girl tugs her shorts while on skateboard

I’ve managed to discreetly zoom in and videotape one incredibly erotic moment while this hot blonde was skateboarding. She slowed down on the skate because that huge wedgie was troubling her as she was paddling down with her foot. She reached down with her both hands and slowly tugged out the shorts from her ass crack, to give herself a bit of freedom to move while riding the skateboard.

Hot blonde skates with a wedgie in her butt

It is hard to skate with a wedgie up her ass

Hot blodne tugs shorts to remove wedgie from her ass

Wedgie needed an urgent tug on the shorts

Hot skater girl saw Mr. Creepo

Once she stopped skating and stood still, there was one reckless moment and she busted me and my camera from further away. Now, I’ve honestly kind of wanted this to happen and I deliberately didn’t stop filming her when she turned towards me, just so I could have a still video shot of her beautiful face. She is giving me the eye but I couldn’t care more, I just wanted a zoomed in view on her pretty face, sexy pink lips and even her little nose piercing. She is a stunner, that is for sure.

Hot teen girl with pierced nose looks at voyeur

Beauty looks at Mr. Creepo in an unflattering way

Mr. Creepo liked this skating girl more than she liked him

Well, the world is unjust and unfair, wouldn’t you agree? I love this hot blonde skater girl way more than she loves me and this is the thanks I get, the look that says “what are you doing and stop what you’re doing”. In some way, she should thank me for showing her exquisite hot body, sexy ass and even her wedgie on the best voyeur website in the world – MrCreepo.Com. I guess she has a bad hair day and that is why she is bothered by my creeping and filming. In case she is reading this – don’t worry honey, you’re picture perfect, literally. Hugs and kisses, your Mr. Creepo.

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