Blond beauty got all my attention

Mr. Creepo ain’t the kind of a guy that would fall in love easily, but I sure as fuck am the guy that gets horny when he sees real beauty like this blonde babe right here. I was still looking for where to pick my spot on the beach when I first spotted this blonde chick that literally stole all my attention, and that of my candid camera as well. I picked a beach spot by the open bar, in case I get thirsty and of course, because this blonde stunner was standing right there, ordering drinks and chatting with bar girls.

Sexy blonde in blue swimsuit on the beach

I mean, starting from her beautiful face, this chick is off the charts, purely perfect to look at. She even kind of had that mysterious sex appeal in her one piece swimsuit. I would prefer if it was something smaller, in two pieces, but still, she was like a concealed seductress in this. I mean, even her fucking blond hair looked beautiful, as if she went to the hair stylist right before hitting the beach. When I first spotted her, she was rubbing her shoulders with tanning lotion.

Hot blonde at the beach bar

Sexy sight to behold, straight from the beach, from voyeur perspective

Hot blonde rubs herself with sun lotion

Mr. Creepo could rub her with lotion, no problem about it

If you had enough of her sweet face, front side and sideways standing pose, I suggest you check out the real deal, her fine behind.

Ass of perfect blonde in sexy blue swimsuit

Once she turned around after rubbing lotion, I had her perfect bubble butt right in front of me, and that blue swimsuit nicely crawled up her butt crack. Bar girl was showing something to her and she carefully watched, the same way that I’m watching, filming and photographing, as well as creeping, on her flawless ass. I loved her behind so much that I was actually wondering who is she with at the beach. I needed to know what fucker is so awesome to have such a hot girlfriend.

Gorgeous bubble butt of hot blonde in blue swimsuit

That ass is like a pure miracle

My view got like five times better when she put her hands on her butt cheeks. She kind of did it without thinking, like it came natural, while talking to the bar girls. She doesn’t even know how seductive and amazing it looked from my, voyeur perspective. That blonde sex bomb doesn’t even know what she is doing to me. The boner I got from her will not to away soon. I can use it an oar when I start swimming. Wooden oar, because I had wood. No pun intended.

Smoking hot blonde holds hands on her ass cheeks

I want to be the one to hold her like that

I slowly hid my camera a bit better once she was about to walk away from the bar and head in my direction. I didn’t want to stop filming because I really wanted (and needed) a good up close look on her. After all, what good is creeping if it isn’t close creeping? Mr. Creepo knows the game all too well.

Close look at beautiful blonde in swimsuit

Closer she got, the better she looked. Once I show you the video of this voyeur beach encounter, you’ll realize that the same. She walked towards me, her hair was slightly blown away by the wind and her body was looking more and more impressive. Oddly enough, her blue swimsuit was probably made for girls with much bigger boobs and she was almost flat chested, when you check out that open part in the middle of her tits. I guess that is normal, considering her entire body is tight as she most likely works out madly to have such a fantastic tight butt.

Amazing blonde walks towards the voyeur without knowing it

Like a scene from the movie

Up close voyeur look on hot blonde in blue swimsuit

I think I see a bit of cameltoe

Mr Creepo would swim with this blonde sex bomb

Normally, I’m not much into swimming when I’m at the beach. I chill during summer, Mr. Creepo style, more lying around, drinking cold ones and watching on young girls around me. Still, this blonde could easily talk me into taking a swim with her. I’d even fuck her in the water. Don’t know if you ever tried it, it’s awesome. Basically, the girl wraps her arms and legs around you and to the other swimmers, it looks like she is just holding on to you and hugging you in the water. While in reality, her tight pussy is deeply impaled on your hard dick. Like I said, I’d do that with her without hesitation.

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