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Considering this hot chiquita was walking in such tight booty shorts, Mr. Creepo figured it’s worth the risk to follow her around, despite the fact her skinny ass boyfriend was holding her hand. I can understand him though, he didn’t want to loose such outstanding piece of ass in the crowd at the marketplace. Still, I didn’t want to loose her either so I followed her from close by and I kept my camera sneakily pointed at her ripe butt that wiggled so nice. Those pale denim cutoff shorts looked so good on her that I kind of wanted to compliment her, loudly.

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If you’re still reading this, that is good and means you resisted the hypnosis made by her swell ass. Still, it also means you want to hear more on what Mr. Creepo thinks of such butt.

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My opinion is sometimes simple and straight to the point. That beautiful ass and the girl owning it for that matter, both deserve a good fucking in all the poses from every kamasutra book that was every written. I can imagine so much pussy and ass fuck poses I’d to her ass after examining it like a real voyeur, from such close perspective. I was walking so close to them that I could have counted those threads that hang down from her ass cheeks and I know you’ll do the same. This isn’t the kind of a voyeur creeping video that you’ll watch only once or something.

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