Thong peeks from under transparent dress

Whenever I turn into my voyeur persona, Mr. Creepo, I get into hormonal overdrive so to say, and I excel at finding sex appeal even when it’s discreetly hidden and tucked away. Like today for instance, I immediately spotted this well tanned and sexy woman in a very simple white dress. What is so special about her you wonder? Keep reading and you’re about to find out.

Hot girl in white dress spotted by voyeur

Mr. Creepo sees hot girl from further away

You see, I managed to see her white dress is very thin, even from a great distance. I also noticed she is walking funny in some way, because she is holding down her dress so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind. Felt like she really doesn’t want to show more skin than her legs. She didn’t show it, and then again, in a way, she did. I’m about to tell you what goodies I’ve seen and caught on her.

Hot woman walks and holds her short dress

She looks silly when she walks

Zooming on woman walking and holding her dress

Looks sexier the closer I get

Checking out thong through transparent white dress

I take great pride in knowing a lot about women’s underwear and I immediately recognized what kind it is. If you’re curious, you can check it out and find that thong in this list. So anyway, I like the way she wears that half thong up in her tanned ass crack. I wonder if I would even be able to see the thong pantyline so clearly if her skin wasn’t so nicely tanned and in full contrast with her thin white dress. Example being, it would be impossible to recognize the thong so clearly on a pale girl’s body and ass.

Woman in sexy white dress on crossroad

Her white dress is transparent under sunlight

Sexy thong visible through thin white dress

What do we have in there?

It was awesome to stand so close to this attractive woman and to study her bronze skin, under and through her white dress. Seems like her dark buttocks can’t hide the fact she is wearing a white thong underneath and they definitely can’t hide the perfect round shape of her ass cheeks. I got all that from standing behind her on the crossroad and I made photos and video of her along the way.

Mr. Creepo likes tanned ass in a white skirt

Her dark ass made me appreciate the importance of regular sunbathing. Skin definitely looks healthier and all that much sexier when it’s darker and it makes a voyeur’s life so much more interesting because it is way easier to spot and film her ass through thin pieces of clothing.

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