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Does Mr Creepo even have to say that such big ass and wedgie can’t go unnoticed? No, I don’t have to say it. There was a big crowd and it was easy enough to chill and follow this curvy woman, wherever she went and to soak in the view of her ravishing big butt in tight grey leggings. It’s funny how tight her panties are and how much they squeezed her ass, like she got four butt cheeks in there. Panties sure created a nice divide between her soft ass and even deep inside it.

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It made me wonder how can she even walk with such a deep wedgie in her ass. I’m not even joking when I say that I think she feels the rubbing of her tights and panties on her pussy. Maybe it brings her pleasure while it casually rubs against her pussy in such a way, like it brings pleasure to me while creeping behind and filming her like a true voyeur. I just know I have a lot of ideas what could be done with such a ripe soft big ass.

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I was rushing after her in the crowd of people and I kept my camera pointed at her big butt at all times. I photographed and filmed a voyeur video of her butt from every imaginable angle and I was feeling my boner twitching from excitement as well as from desire to bang her like a madman. She probably did a spin in the mirror before leaving the house and she decided it is all good to wear her overly tight leggings like that. I bet she didn’t consider that she’ll have me, a voyeur, on her tail the entire time.

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When you see the ridge in her big butt, created by the deep wedgie, it simply drives you crazy to stick your hand right between her buttocks. Just imagine how good it would be to grope her without mercy and to feel the inner warmth of her big butt and thighs. I bet it radiates heat like it’s nuclear, and it would probably feel even more wonderful to feel that heat on my hard dick.

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Needless to say, Mr. Creepo would love to feel that big ass on his dick, and I’m sure you agree with me. I probably watched the materials I have of her a thousand times and that thought still lingers in my head, that it must feel awesome to have her squishy soft ass spread open and fucked hard in a big bed. Ah well, since neither of us know her, we can still satisfy our primal urges by watching what my voyeur mastery brought us. Enjoy it bros, next hottie is coming soon as well.

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