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You know I have a knack to spy on very special and specific moments and this right here is not an exception. I caught two amazing lesbian teens showing their affection in the middle of the beach, without a single care or worry about anything. One girl is slim and petite and the other is much taller and curvy, and their love is very physical and visible, as you’ll see for yourself.

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Taller or should I say bigger girl, is way more sexy, with insanely hot bubble butt in her black thong bikini. Her girlfriend is much more petite but it also seems like she is the naughty one that likes to touch and grope her girlfriend, even on a public beach like this one. They couldn’t have known I’m watching them like a real voyeur and that is what makes their loving moment so pure and so spontaneous.

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I already showed you how it looks when a boy gropes a girl in public, on pictures and videos, but this lesbian love between two teens is even more hot from so many different aspects. I was further away and I kept my camera on these two lovebirds from the moment they both got up and the smaller girl started hugging, groping and caressing her bigger girlfriend.

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It is easy to notice which girl is the bitch and which is the butch, to say it so. Bigger girl simply stands and lets her lover touch and fondle her wherever she pleases, while leaning her yummy bubble butt against her crotch. Smaller girl is fully in charge and she cups her girlfriend’s tits, strokes her ass and cuddles from behind her in a protective manner. Hot lesbian teen really likes the attention of her petite girlfriend and she simply gives in to the sensation and feelings while she romantically touches her in so many ways.

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I can only imagine how hot these two are when they are in a private room. Smaller girl probably scissors and eats the other girl’s pussy like no one ever did. I can even imagine how she fucks her with a strapon or a dildo, because she certainly behaves like she does it. I must say, I envy her. They both certainly have the sweetest pussy and the most tasty pussy juice nectar imaginable.

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When the smaller girl stopped hugging her girlfriend, she obediently stood there, as if she still needs her touch. She simply grinds her sweet ass back on her, just so their bodies remain locked up together. This is probably the hottest summer video I ever made and it can be found on beach voyeur section of site where I always go when I want to peep on girls in bikinis or even beach sex for that matter. Every noteworthy part of beach voyeurism can be found there and my video is the best one in there, if I may say so. I’m not used to be modest with my stuff.

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Not long after their cuddle and embrace, naughty girl still couldn’t keep her hands away from her girlfriend. She kept one hand on her butt cheek at all times and it was pleasure to spy on her body language and how much she cares for her. It is a lesbian way of saying that she is right there for her, feeling her and caring for her. Needless to say, it is all caught on my video and you’ll see it in full.

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Such loving touches on the beach between these two have probably made them both feel horny and eager to go home together. I don’t need to be a genius to guess they both ended up in a sixty nine pose as soon as they stepped inside their apartment. They probably noticed that people were looking and daydreaming about their bodies on the beach and feeling wanted is the strongest aphrodisiac in the world, even for teenage lesbians such as these two. That is just one of the things that make them crave each other so openly sexually, even on a public beach as today.

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I firmly believe that there is not a single man in the world that can remain without emotion while watching such beautiful display of love between such gorgeous teen girls. I also believe that there isn’t a single voyeur that wouldn’t try to peep on these two on the beach, but remember where you saw it first. Mr Creepo always delivers, as promised more than once.

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