Creeping around sexy teen daughter

Oh boy do I have a treat for sore voyeur eyes today. Mr. Creepo delivers the ultimate creepshots this time, with spying the whole family in the process. Well, the emphasis on creeping around this family is simply to get a clear sneaky view of their smoking hot eighteen year old daughter, while they wait in the lobby, all together. Mom and dad were too preoccupied with their problems to even consider the fact there is a voyeur creeping around their daughter, and the daughter was busy texting her friends and she didn’t even look away from her phone.

Voyeur caught a nice family and their hot young daughter

It was tricky and risky to creep around this girl while she is so close to her parents but as you know by now, Mr. Creepo doesn’t give up so easily. I’ve pretended to be reading the billboards and even a newspaper, just so I can hang around close and creep more on this gorgeous young sweetheart. It did the trick and I didn’t look even slightly suspicious to the parents.

Sexy daughter and her parents caught by voyeur

What a nice family and what a sexy daughter

Voyeur looks at hot teen girl texting on her phone

Like all teenagers, she texts on her phone all the time

Beautiful ass and tanned long legs caught by voyeur

Such nice tan, such long legs, such beauty

Hot daughter’s tanned legs and little ass in shorts

It is impossible to even decide what I liked more about this teenage daughter. She has beautiful long hair and gorgeous face, but her body is the true stunning element that you got to examine all together in order to get the full picture. Her long legs are nicely tanned and she’s obviously been to the beach lately, and it’s truly shocking that her parents let her get out of the house while wearing such tiny cutoff shorts that don’t even fully cover up her insanely hot ass cheeks. Judging by the lack of a tan line, she sunbathes in some very skimpy bikini, possibly even a thong.

Voyeur almost caught while spying on sexy daughter

Mother almost busted me

There was a very risky moment when her mother turned around at one point and if it wasn’t for my special skills to hide the camera, I’d be busted hard, and probably chased after by the girl’s father. Mr. Creepo is too smart for that, so don’t worry, it didn’t happen and it will not happen, ever. That is also why I continued following them when they went out into the street.

Following sexy daughter’s delicious ass in cutoff shorts

I’ve kept stalking this nice family like a real voyeur that I am and I really wanted to see that hot tanned ass in the sunlight. I’ve slowly walked behind them, still faking that I’m doing my own stuff, just to avoid any suspicion of my creeping around them. Her smooth skin was glowing in the sun and her petite butt looked even better while she was walking outside. Let me tell you, it takes a lot of creep discipline to just walk behind such a teenage beauty, without trying to touch her. It took me lots of time to calm my boner and not be nervous while I’m tailing such perfection.

Hot daughter walks with mom and dad

Parents are unaware I’m stalking them

Hot young ass in closeup by voyeur

I’ve just had to take one step closer to snap this beautiful ass up close and personal with my camera. Do you see how the shorts give her little ass a wedgie? Do you see that panties are invisible, and that she is obviously wearing a thong? Now tell me, can you imagine how nicely her pussy and thong smell? I sure can and I’d buy her panties any time of the day, if only she could be convinced to sell them. However, somehow I believe that her father wouldn’t be too kind to hear I want to sniff and buy his daughter’s panties.

Tight young ass snapped by voyeur up close

Would you sniff her panties?

Mr. Creepo shows you hot young ass

I know, I know, you’d like to personally thank me for showing you this perfect example of teenage ass. I know you’d shake my hand and buy me a drink because of this but there is probably some naughty social justice warrior that would snitch me out to her father. Well, Mr. Creepo loves them too and even though they are afraid to admit it, I’m sure they’ve also enjoyed watching this supernaturally hot teenage ass.

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