Rave girl bends over in front of me

Do you hang out at rave parties? If not, you should, and it’s not just because Mr. Creepo says so, it’s because he’ll also show you why. This rave party, as example, has a huge concentration of all kinds of smoking hot girls, in all kinds of slutty outfits, Still, it’s not about settling with an average hot girl at a rave party, the point is to hook up or at least creep up with the hottest one out there. That is why I picked out this incredible young blonde, before the party even started.

Sexy rave girl in shorts and fishnet stockings

It’s easy to spot a beauty of such caliber, even in a huge crowd as this was. She was chilling with her friends and they were probably discussing the party plan for this evening. All of her friends were hot too, but one look at her, and you’ll see she is the grand prize of the party, the main star if you want to call it so. She is wearing the sexiest tiny outfit you can see on the entire rave party and those fishnet stockings flatter her legs in such a gorgeous way. Not to mention, she got the curvy ass that can look good in just about anything, specially when it’s squeezed in such tight pair of shorts.

Rave party girl stands and talks on phone

Even her face is beautiful

Most of the guys passing by this particular group of rave chicks was blatantly checking them out and simply said, eye fucking them like never before. Pretty much in the same way I’m doing it so I can’t exactly say they are any different. Well, only difference is, I’m actually recording videos and creepshots as well, so that is that. Anyway, check out the junk in her trunk and tell me isn’t that ass perfect for a night of fun? Well, or a month of fun in the bed, at least.

Sexy rave girl's butt is spied by voyeur

This rave girl doesn’t even know how sexy she is

Hot rave girl bends over in front of my camera

I could overhear a bit of what they talked about and at one point, her friend called her to get closer to tell her something private. My camera was still rolling and instead of sitting down next to her friend, she slowly started to bend over, right in front of me, myself and my candid camera. By doing so, she made a perfect arch with her back and she popped that fine bubble butt in full. It made me and several bystanders drool without control. Seriously, the sight of her bent over butt isn’t for the weak hearts or pacemakers.

Blonde starts to bend over

Moment when her bubble butt started lowering down

Smoking hot ass bent over on a party

I’ve had to change my location real quick or I was about to miss the best part of the day, the party before the party, everything I’m about. Her glorious ass cheeks spread apart in the most intriguing way ever and all I saw was how those shorts slowly penetrate her ass crack when she bends down to talk to her sitting friend. This is one of those creepshot sights and videos that you’ll want to watch on repeat, over and over again and you don’t want to miss out on it, ever.

Incredible firm butt in shorts bends over on party

I had to go around and closer to see more

Now, I’m sure that she is very self aware of herself and of the fact she is a mega hot girl that is very popular on this rave party, but I don’t believe she knows the full extent of how magnetically attractive her butt and whole body really is. If she knew that, she’d be charging tickets for horny boys and men, just to walk by and check our her bent over ass, with or without clothes, dressed or naked, it doesn’t even matter. On second thought, she could charge a premium price for showing off naked in the very same pose.

Perfect ass bent over in front of voyeur

Right behind a perfect rave girl’s ass

I’ve took another angle of filming behind her gorgeous ass, just to show you I wasn’t kidding with all the superlatives I gave to her sensational ass. I stood right behind and snapped away with my candid camera, to show you how beautiful it looks when you align yourself with her, just as if you’re going to fuck her, right there, in front of anybody.

Mr. Creepo would gladly fuck that superb ass after creeping around it

I’m not even joking around when I say I would pull my pants down and shove my dick inside her in front of all those people, if only she’d let me. I’d probably get a standing ovation for fucking the best ass on this party and all the guys would envy me like they never envied anyone, ever. Once again, look at that superb ass and you’ll surely agree with me.

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