Creeping on young girl enjoying her milkshake

Such a hot young darling can’t escape from my creepy camera, not even when I’m relaxing with a beverage in the coffee shop. I noticed her from further away and it seems like she was standing there with her mother, ordering smoothies and milkshake or something like that. When I saw how endlessly long her legs are and how perky her little ass is, I decided to order something for myself as well, just so I can stand closer and keep secretly filming this adorable young girl.

Young girl spotted while ordering milkshake

I totally ignored her fat mother while I approached the coffee bar counter where they were standing. I couldn’t even believe that something so beautiful “fell out” of such a whale. She was squirming with her long legs while waiting for the waiter to bring her beverage and I was instantly thinking how I’d caress her legs and reach with my hand into those tiny shorts that she wears. She is really seductive from behind her back, but it was soon time to see the front area too.

Voyeur approaches tall young girl with long legs

I have to see those long legs up close

Sexy young girl got long legs and wears high heel sandals

She is tall and she even wears high heels

I simply can’t get enough of her body. She is so tall and so pretty that I would gladly take her away from her mother and show her what she should be doing when she looks that hot. Don’t want to sound like a creepy fuck but in general, those are my thoughts. Those are your thoughts too but you’re just perhaps afraid to admit it, if you don’t agree.

Young cutie looks hot with milkshake straw in her mouth

Just to give you a better insight on why I felt seduced and charmed by this young creature, I’ll show you how she looks from the front. She was carefully listening to her mother and she kept drinking her milkshake through a straw. She only started sipping from the cup when it started to spill over. She had that innocent look of an untouched virgin and I specially loved the decorative band around her head. I’d hold on to that while she sucks my dick like she sucks on the milkshake through the straw.

Young girl drinks milkshake through straw

Wouldn’t you put something in her mouth instead of straw?

Young girl sips milkshake in coffee bar

She is yummy like that milkshake

It would be an understatement to say that her milkshake brought Mr. Creepo to the yard. She brought me so close to spy on her like a voyeur that I could have smelled the flavor of her beverage and I’m not even lying when I say it. I’m pretty sure she isn’t fucking around still, but considering she already likes to show off her sexy body in such miniature outfits, I’d say it want take long for her to start hopping on dicks when she goes out for clubbing or in college. So, what are you craving now, a milkshake or a hot young girl to ride your dick? Maybe both? If you ask me, I’d take both, right now.

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